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About Lisbon Food Tour

Join a cooking class in Lisbon, where flavors meet fun! Wander old streets, tasting nine local favorites. Discover Lisbon's heart through its food, from Iberian ham and the best Portuguese sandwich to Pastel de Nata and cherry liqueur. Uncover Lisbon's best-known establishments and lesser-known local treasures, making every bite an adventure!


Lisbon Food Tour

Start your day in the heart of the city's culinary scene, and get ready for a flavorful journey. Begin at Lisbon's oldest pastry shop, a hidden gem where locals flock for their morning treats. Here, you'll taste a wide range of homemade sweet pastries alongside a robust Portuguese-style espresso. The cozy ambiance and the aroma of fresh baking will set the perfect tone for the day ahead.

Your next stop is a traditional Portuguese grocery store, the last of its kind in Lisbon. This charming store is a treasure trove of local delights, where you'll discover Portugal's fascination with salt cod. You'll also get to taste the renowned acorn-fed Iberian ham, known for its rich and savory flavor.

The tour continues with a visit to a 130-year-old family-run stall famous for its sour cherry liqueur. Enjoy this classic Lisbon drink, a favorite among the locals. Next, mingle with the crowd at a no-frills bar, home to the city's best Bifana (marinated pork sandwich). The bustling atmosphere here is a testament to the sandwich's popularity. For lunch, you'll find yourself in a traditional Portuguese Tasca, where hearty, home-cooked classics await, accompanied by your choice of beer or wine. The tour concludes with a sweet finale featuring Portugal's beloved Pastel de Nata (custard tart). Discover the surprising history of these delectable treats and witness their creation firsthand, a perfect end to your culinary adventure in Lisbon.

  • 7 tasting stops
  • 9 tastings
  • 3 drinks
  • English-speaking history/food guide
X not included
  • Hotel pickup/drop-off
  • Tips (optional)
X not suitable for
  • Wheelchair users
  • Vegans
  • Vegetarians
  • People with gluten intolerance
acorn fed Iberian ham

Meeting Point

The meeting point is Praça da Figueira 3-1,1100-241 Lisboa, next to the statue of the Statue of King John I (Dom João I in Portuguese).

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The Portuguese food tour in Lisbon offers a unique insight into the everyday culinary habits of the locals and the rich history behind their food choices.


Start your Lisbon journey with homemade sweet pastries and classic Portuguese-style espresso at the city's oldest pastry shop.


Explore a unique Portuguese grocery store, delve into Portugal's love for salt cod, and sample acorn-fed Iberian ham.


Savor Lisbon's famous sour cherry liqueur at a historic, 130-year-old family-run stall is a true local favorite.


Dine on home-cooked Portuguese classics with beer or wine at a traditional Lisbon Tasca, a favorite among locals.

portuguese cod

FAQ - Lisbon Food Tour

What local delicacies can I expect to try on the Lisbon food tour?

On the Lisbon food tour, you'll savor unique local flavors, including traditional pastries like Pastéis de Nata, a creamy custard tart, and savory dishes such as Bacalhau, a beloved codfish recipe. These tastings provide a delicious window into Lisbon's rich culinary heritage.

Are there vegetarian options available on the tour?

The Lisbon food tour accommodates diverse dietary preferences, offering delightful vegetarian options. You'll get to taste plant-based versions of Portuguese classics, ensuring a fulfilling experience for all food enthusiasts.

What are some must-visit sights near the food tour locations?

Alongside the food tour, explore Lisbon's iconic landmarks like the Belem Tower and Jerónimos Monastery.  Their proximity to tour stops makes combining culinary and sightseeing experiences easy. If you're tired of walking, consider booking a Hop-on Hop-off Lisbon Tour and exploring the city at your own pace.

Can I purchase local food products during the tour?

Yes, the tour often stops at local markets and shops. Here, you can buy authentic Portuguese products like cheese, wine, and cured meats, perfect for taking a piece of Lisbon home with you.

Are there any historic cafes or restaurants included in the tour?

The tour features visits to historic eateries, where you'll sense the soul of Lisbon in every bite and learn stories that have shaped the city's food scene. Exploring Lisbon's culinary backstreets on the walking food and wine tour, you'll uncover hidden gems away from the tourist trail. These backstreets are brimming with authentic eateries and quaint taverns where you can indulge in traditional Portuguese cuisine paired with exquisite local wines.

How does the food tour contribute to sustainable tourism?

The tour promotes sustainable tourism by supporting local vendors and small businesses, offering an authentic and responsible way to enjoy Lisbon's culinary treasures.

Is the Lisbon food tour suitable for families with children?

The tour is family-friendly, offering a fun and educational experience for children. Tasting new foods and exploring lively markets will surely delight the young ones. If you're looking to enrich your family experience further, consider booking Lisbon Oceanarium tickets or Lisbon Zoo tickets.
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Lisbon Food Tour

Lisbon Tips & Tricks

Dress Comfortably

This tour meets In Praça da Figueira next to the large statue of the Statue of King John I (Dom João I in Portuguese). Your guide will be holding a red Devour tote bag or sign.

Come Hungry

With numerous tastings and samples throughout the tour, it's best to arrive with an appetite to enjoy the culinary offerings fully..

Dietary Restrictions

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, inform the tour guide in advance so they can accommodate your needs where possible.

Camera/Phone Charged

You'll likely want to take photos of the food and sights, so ensure your camera or phone is fully charged.

Learn Basic Portuguese Phrases

Knowing simple phrases like "Obrigado" (Thank you) or "Bom dia" (Good day) can enrich your interaction with locals.

Know before you go

  • Late arrivals and no-shows cannot receive refunds.
  • If you have multiple dietary needs, the tour might not be suitable for you.
  • Please inform the tour provider of dietary restrictions upon booking.
  • The tour is not suitable for people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease because of the gluten cross-contamination risks.
  • Expect some uphill and downhill walking, covering approximately 2 kilometers.
  • This tour is not accessible for wheelchairs or strollers because of the hills and cobblestone streets.
pastel de nata

Definitely a must!

The Lisbon food tour was just what I needed. The guide's deep knowledge of Portugal added so much. We even got a bit of history, which was a bonus. The ham and hearty dishes we tried were top-notch. The best part is that it lasted longer than expected, giving us extra time to enjoy food and drinks.


Loved it!

Our Lisbon food tour with Ann Elisa was a highlight. Despite accessibility issues, she made sure everything was perfect for my mum. Starting near the cruise terminal was convenient. The food and insights shared were outstanding. Our guide took care of my mum's comfort and made our day special.


Fantastic experience overall!

Our tour guide made our Lisbon food tour absolutely memorable! Each food spot was a hit, with just the right portion sizes. You won't leave this tour hungry! His knowledge and friendliness stood out, making this Lisbon walking tour unique. And the bonus? He gave us a list of other great places to eat in Lisbon.


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